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Saab 9000 Parts

 In its day, the Saab 9000 was the largest hatchback on the market. Plus, it had good power. The CSE Turbo Edition was capable of 225 horsepower and 252 lb-ft of torque. The 9000 was introduced in the 1990 model year and it was manufactured until 1998. Enthusiasts loved the value that the 9000 offered. At the time it cost only slightly more than the Acura 3.2TL and the Lexus ES300.

 Now, whether you are an owner of a 9000 or a mechanic working on one, there's a new way to get genuine Saab 9000 parts at low discount prices. At, we offer an attractive alternative to going to the local dealer to get OEM parts for your Saab 9000. Avoid the multiple trips to the dealer's parts department, and avoid the high prices. Our easy-to-use website will allow you to locate just what's needed. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the low discount prices for 9000 parts warranted by the manufacturer.

 Whether you are an enthusiast fully restoring these great luxury performance cars from the 90s, or a mechanic responsible for an important repair, we can help. In just a few clicks in the online catalog, you'll see the items needed. The completion of the order using the "shopping cart" will be quick and simple. Before you know it, the order will be arriving right at your doorstep. is the perfect alternative to the two traditional ways to obtain Saab 9000 parts: through the local dealer or via an auto parts store in town. The dealer's prices for genuine OEM parts can sometimes be excessive. Aftermarket parts purchased through your town's auto parts store may not fit as well or last as long.

 The Saab 9000 parts offered here carry the manufacturer's full two-year, 24,000 mile warranty. Enjoy the peace-of-mind that a purchase of these genuine parts will bring. Knowing these Saab parts will fit right because they are made to the original specs. Also know that they'll last longer than typical aftermarket alternatives.

 Should you need any assistance in finding exactly what you need, trust that our capable customer service reps are here to help. A well-trained representative can help complete the order if needed so that you can get that Saab back on the road as soon as possible. At, we are committed to saving you both time and money. We look forward to serving you!

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Fuel label

Saab - 9000 - 1997 - 1998
Price : $1.08
List Price : $1.08
Your Price : $0.97
Core Price : $0.00

Signal & park Back

Saab - 9000 - 1986 - 1994
Price : $4.22
List Price : $4.22
Your Price : $3.80
Core Price : $0.00

Sedan Right

Saab - 9000 - 1995 - 1997
Price : $78.23
List Price : $78.23
Your Price : $70.41
Core Price : $0.00

Idle speed control

Bosch Jetronic, 9000, 2.0L
Saab - 9000 - 1986 - 1990
Price : $320.62
List Price : $320.62
Your Price : $288.56
Core Price : $0.00

Headlamp bulb

9000, Low Beam
Saab - 9000 - 1995 - 1997
Price : $20.30
List Price : $20.30
Your Price : $18.27
Core Price : $0.00

Blank cover Right

Saab - 9000 - 1991 - 1994
Price : $10.30
List Price : $10.30
Your Price : $9.27
Core Price : $0.00

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