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 Original Saab parts can be very expensive, especially if purchased from a local dealer. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional mechanic, purchasing Saab discount parts online from us is the best option. The easy-to-use online catalog includes every OEM replacement item for all USA Saab models at affordable discount prices.

 Mechanics and car owners alike often purchase cheap aftermarket parts from local discount part stores to repair their Saab. At times, these prove to be more expensive than the original OEM. Most importantly, purchasing aftermarket doesn't guarantee that they will fit correctly or have a long life. The only way to guarantee discount prices with a precise fit and function is to purchase Saab replacement parts from

 We provide only top quality OEM Saab parts at huge discount prices. Every item sold through this website was originally manufactured by Saab and made to specifications that match the part that came with your vehicle off the assembly line. Whether you're looking for a new suspension, water pump or brake pads, every item is produced by Saab.

 All Saab repair parts we offer come with an OEM manufacturer warranty. This coverage is 24 month or 24,000 mile that is standard on all OEM Saab parts and accessories.

 The online Saab parts catalog lists items for accessories, maintenance, mechanical and collision repair. From the drop downs, just enter the year and model, and you'll be able to choose from a list of category groups. Or choose to use the convenient part number and keyword search feature to find the replacement parts. The item will be shipped using an affordable and convenient carrier, shipped straight to your doorstep.

 Excellent customer service combined with discount, quality parts is what offers to Saab owners across the USA. If you're having difficulties finding an item online, contact us to speak with a friendly customer service representative.

OEM Saab Parts

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W/paintable de Left

Saab - 9-5 - 2006 - 2009
Price : $71.40
List Price : $71.40
Your Price : $57.12
Core Price : $0.00

Gray Left

Saab - 9-3 - 1999 - 2002
Price : $21.82
List Price : $21.82
Your Price : $17.46
Core Price : $0.00

Washer Back

Saab - 9-3x - 2010 - 2011
Price : $4.25
List Price : $4.25
Your Price : $3.40
Core Price : $0.00


Saab - 9-5 - 1999 - 2009
Price : $131.73
List Price : $131.73
Your Price : $105.38
Core Price : $0.00

Center panel

Saab - 9-3 Convertible - 2003 - 2003
Price : $210.63
List Price : $210.63
Your Price : $168.50
Core Price : $0.00


Saab - 900 - 1994 - 1998
Price : $55.42
List Price : $55.42
Your Price : $44.34
Core Price : $0.00

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